Victorian Event Details

This will be in the form of a picnic in an outdoor setting  (or indoor if the weather is inclement), at Finns Reserve, Duncan Street, Lower Templestowe.

This year is BYO everything; food, drinks, tables, chairs, etc. As much as we like to share, we are still being careful to minimise the possible transmission of the Covid virus.

Our use of the Scout Hall there has been confirmed so we will be able to be warm and dry if the weather is cool or showery, or comfortably cool if the weather is hot. If the weather is perfect, we can sit outside as there is a grassed area alongside the hall. We also have exclusive use of the toilets within the hall so that is a bonus too.

There is some reserved parking at the front of the Scout Hall so if you have mobility issues, please let me know and I will reserve a space there for your car. We will also try to get our Packards parked in that area too. Those driving moderns are asked to park on the marked areas on the roads alongside the Reserve.

During our time together we will hold our Annual General Meeting so as many members as possible can participate. There are no major issues of General Business to deal with so it should not be a long meeting.   However, we do need people to volunteer for the Victoria Region Committee. 

The vacant positions on the committee are Deputy Regional Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Events Director, Technical Director, CPS Director and Parts Custodian, and AOMC and Federation Delegates. Some of the members already in those roles may stand for re-election

Members attending the AGM will not be forced into taking a role on the Committee as we need people who are volunteers committed to the welfare of our Region, not conscripts who may not put in wholeheartedly. If we get the volunteers we continue to operate as a Region, otherwise we revert to being an ordinary part of the national membership, just as the other states are.

Some of the members will get there as early as possible to set up and identify our location for those arriving a little later. Arrive any time after 10:00 am and stay as long as you like. On arrival at the parking area, you may call Clynton Robinson on 0418 100 102 to get specific details of where we have set up.

With large grassy open spaces and an enclosed playground for children to play, wooded areas to explore and generous facilities, this is a great place to gather.

Dogs are allowed in the park.

All abilities access is provided throughout the park, including accessible toilets.

If any of those travelling from the further reaches of the state would like to arrange an overnight stay before heading home again, please ring Clynton as soon as possible so we can make suitable arrangements for us to be accommodated together.