21st Series Clipper parts


R9 Solenoid for Packard Gearbox
R9 Overdrive Solenoid, new / refurbished ready to use $AUS100

Parklight / indicator lens, NOS glass $AUS50


Carter Carburettor WDO531S
Carter WDO 531S carburetor, rebuilt - suit 356 engines $AUS250


Clipper Steering Wheel
Steering wheel, restored horn emblem and ring, excellent $AUS250


Packard Bonnet Mascot
Bonnet spear / mascot, excellent used condition $AUS50


Wiring loom, YnZ fabric covered for LWB 21st series with indicators, easily shortened for use on "lesser" Packards $AUS50


All parts sourced from the US. Located in Wodonga (Victoria, Australia).

For any further information please contact Lyndon James by clicking or tapping Email 

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