Visit to David McCredies Workshop – Galston

Submitted by NSW Events on Thu, 24/01/2019 - 16:17
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Meet at David's, 399 Galston Road Galston @ 11/11:30am. David has very generously agreed to host an “Open Day” at his workshop for a visit by PACA members. There’ll you’ll be able to see David’s Packards and the Maxwell! Additionally, David will walk and talk us through his equipment and his various restorations over the years. Nearby(5mins) is the Galston Valley Railway @ 29 Mid-Dural Rd Galston which can be visited prior to going to David’s. Their 5” gauge model railway opens at that day and rides start at 10:00am, great for the kids or grandkids! NOTE – Fully enclosed footwear must be worn if attending the Model Railway. After David’s, drive to Berowra Waters (20 mins), for a Fish & Chips lunch. Contact - Mal Harris